Acclaim Curriculum: 

Our curriculum reflects our belief that all children are bright, and each will expand their intellectual potential through early exposure to reading, math, art and science concepts.  We are a quality school for early learning that offers our children a healthy dscn1399social and educational experience.  We provide qualified supervision in a modern, safe, nurturing and stimulating environment.


We use Creative Curriculum because it has highly effective learning activities.  We enhance the curriculum by including all aspects of the PA Learning Standards.

PA Learning Standards is a model from the state that indicates important learning activities for infants, toddlers and preschools that should be a part of the curriculum in all quality learning centers.

Our curriculum meets and exceeds PA Learning Standards guidelines.  (Learn more about PA Learning Standards by clicking here.)

Our children participate in activities that help develop essential skills, build independence and instill respect for self and others.

We value art and culture.  Our atmosphere is infused with classical and jazz music.  We celebrate traditions and customs from around the world!aa-test-4

Our PREP Pre-First Grade Academic Program is an alternative to public kindergarten.  Contact our director, Ms. Kia Douglass – Felton for information about the curriculum.

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