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Acclaim Academy is pleased to partner with the Keystone Stars program to ensure high quality in the service we provide to young children and their families.

Keystone STARS is an initiative of the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) to improve, support, and recognize the continuous quality improvement efforts of early learning programs in Pennsylvania.  The Keystone STARS Performance Standards provide the foundation for the program.  The Performance Standards are grouped into four levels:  STAR 1STAR 2,STAR 3, and STAR 4.   Each level builds on the previous level and utilizes research-based best practices to promote quality early learning environments and positive child outcomes. The standards address staff qualifications and professional development, the early learning program, partnerships with family and community, and leadership and management.

Keystone STARS is managed through a partnership of the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) and the Pennsylvania and Regional Keys.

Acclaim Academy achieved its STAR 1 and STAR 2 within 9 months of opening!  We obtained our STAR 3 in 2013 and will continue to build upon our previous success in order to earn our STAR 4.

Acclaim appreciates its director, Mrs. Kia Douglass-Felton for guiding our center through the Keystone Stars program and helping our students’ reap its rewards.

We are happy to provide a practicum training site for student interns from Drexel University and Chestnut Hill College.  We receive graduate students from the psychology and counseling programs who provide our children, their families, and our staff with no-cost counseling and behavioral services.
The student interns come with a great deal of prior experience, and complete their practicum with us as a step toward meeting their requirements for graduation.  They have other practicum sites to chose from , but they chose Acclaim because they wish to provide services in an active, innovative environment.   We interview and chose only those students we know can be a good fit and meet the needs of our center and students.
Acclaim thanks Drexel University and Chestnut Hill College   Chestnut Hill College for working with us to build our student practicum / intern program and helping our school to be the best!


Acclaim Academy was chosen to participate in The Success by 6 program.  The Success by 6 program is a special United Way program that seeks to ensure all children under the age of 6 enter school prepared to be successful.  The program recognizes that the early years of a child’s life are the most crucial for pre-academic development, and that efforts during these years can determine the success or failure of a child’s academic path.  All of Acclaim’s children are expected to have a high degree of academic success in the future, because of the pre-academic activities they are engaged in now.

Acclaim was chosen to participate in the program because of our prior achievement of STAR 2 rating from the Keystone Stars program and our other strong organizational efforts.

Our participation in United Way’s Success By 6 program made us eligible to receive our STAR 3 from the Keystone STARS program, which we accomplished in October 2013.  The two programs have goals that overlap, and the organizations cooperate to ensure high quality child care and education for centers that participate.

Acclaim is pleased to have been chosen by the United Way’s Success By 6 program.


Acclaim Academy partnered with Drexel University’s psychology department to provide consultation and promote “emotional intelligence” with our students.

Dr. Brian Daly, the director of Drexel’s child psychology program, worked with Acclaim to design a program for Drexel’s students to teach positive coping skills, emotional resiliency, and conflict management skills to our three-to-five-year-olds.  He has also served as a general consultant and advice-giver to our program.

Previous efforts provided by Drexel include the “Dinosaur School,” in which two of Drexel’s graduate students teach children how to handle behaviors  they could face in school such as teasing, bullying, or hurt feelings, while also teaching them to use manners.

We appreciate Dr. Brian Daly and Drexel University’s involvement in our community and our school!

Acclaim’s students wear uniforms that we designed for purchase at the Smile Kiddie Shop children’s clothing store next door.  The Smile Kiddie Shop kindly welcomed us to the neighborhood when we opened, and we have enjoyed a mutually rewarding friendship ever since.
The Smile Kiddie Shop offers school uniforms, girls dressy dresses, boys suits, boys’ and girls’ casual clothing, children’s shoes, and accessories of all kinds.
The Smile Kiddie Shop is located next door to Acclaim at 5605 Germantown Ave., Phila, PA 19144.  Call them at (215) 843-3424.
We encourage you to shop at the Smile Kiddie Shop for fine quality clothing.  Tell them Acclaim Academy sent you!
Students from Eastern Charter High School volunteer at Acclaim to complete assignments related to their requirement to perform career-related activities.  This is a positive part of Eastern Charter’s curriculum – students must choose career areas and gain real-world experience and exposure!  We appreciate all of our EC volunteers.
We are thankful to the Philadelphia Reads program at the Martin Luther King Jr. High School who regularly give our children resources, including books on various topics including culture and geography, as well as books on tape/CD’s, pencils, binders and other helpful educational items.

The Philadelphia Reads program offers free books to educators who teach infants through 12th grade.  We are very appreciative of the program.

For more information about the Philadelphia Reads program, click here: www.philareads.org.



Acclaim’s students have been welcomed to the lower school library of our neighbor, the Germantown Friends School.  The school, at 31 West Coulter Street in Philadelphia, is an independent Quaker school serving children in grades K – 12.  Acclaim’s children enjoy visiting the elementary library’s rich resources and appreciate the partnership between our two schools.  Please visit the Germantown Friends School’s website:  http://www.germantownfriends.org/.


Chroma Dolls is a duo of artists, Ali Williams and Kala Hagopian, who painted the inspiring mural at the front of Acclaim Academy.  The mural project was part of Joe Martin’s efforts to beautify our community and participate in Philadelphia’s unique mural arts program.   We couldn’t be happier or more excited by the work of the Chroma Dolls, and are pleased to support them in their continued efforts within the community.   Their contributions include participation in the Shore2Love New Jersey Mural Tour, a series of murals along the NJ shore in beach towns devastated by Hurricane Sandy.
Visit the Chroma Dolls at www.ChromaDolls.com and take a look at their portfolio!
We purchase our latex gloves from LIGHTENING BEAUTY SUPPLY across the street from Acclaim.  The gloves promote health and safety practices at the school.  In addition, our staff is pleased to have a source close by to buy a wide variety of their own hair and beauty products.
LIGHTENING BEAUTY SUPPLY is located across the street from Acclaim at 5608 Germantown Ave in Philadelphia.  Their phone number is (215) 843-2695.
Tell them Acclaim sent you!