Educational Resources

Teach your children letter recognition, phonics and reading at Starfall
Starfall is considered one of the most effective sites to teach children (ages 1 to 6) pre-reading and reading skills.  It is a bright and colorful site that children love to use.  Start with the pink ABC’s tab first, which covers letter recognition and phonics.
Math Facts Cafe
1.jpgLearn Counting, Time, Word Problems, Money and Multiplication
This is the premiere site for learning math concepts for children in grades pre-school to high school.  It allows parents to print math worksheets for their children to use as “homework.”  You tell the site the kind of worksheets you want, and it generates new homework each time.  The best part is that it generates answer sheets for parents!

What Do I Do With the Mad That I Feel?

This website plays a delightful song to help young children cope with frustration and anger before it becomes a problem.  It is performed by Fred Rogers of the famed Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood program.  The site also leads to a wonderful set of other songs, games, videos and coloring pages to help stimulate minds and manage feelings.  Hear the song at: What Do You Do with the Mad that You Feel?
Or visit the entire site
Black Child Books
1Find children’s books featuring black characters at
Giving black children books and videos featuring black characters promotes postive emotional and psychological health and contributes to high self-esteem.  It also promotes multicultural understanding in all children. has gathered practically every black-oriented children’s book and children/family video from Amazon to make the search easier.

Color Me Healthy  

1This website provides a wealth of fun activities to promote nutrition and exercise for young children.  The site includes innovative and interactive music and song downloads, guides, posters and other motivational tools.  The site is for parents and teachers and are printed in English and Spanish.
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