Why Acclaim

Benefits of Acclaim Academy

Acclaim Academy is a Equal Opportunity Care Provider and Employer

  1. Our curriculum is designed to meet the cognitive needs of each child as determined by the results of a pre-test each child would have upon entering our program.
  2. We provide enrichment programs in each of the cognitive areas in addition to structured physical educational activities for all of the children.
  3. We have a a large playground with a variety of climbing structures and play stations as well as two age appropriate inside gyms.
  4. Families have access to computers and an educational library in our resource room.
  5. We have programs developed for the families of our center as well as the community. Parents, and their families are welcome to visit during hours of operation as well as participate in activities and programs hosted at Acclaim (Please note that current Covid protocols listed in #8, prohibit visitation at this time unless it is a special occasion specified by the center.)
  6. Due to Covid restrictions, we only accept and release children through the front door.
  7. We hare a Keystone Star 4 Center.
  8. We provide a safe environment for the children and our staff at all points within our center. Our current Covid protocols includes:Β temperature checks and hand-washing upon entry in individual classrooms.Β 


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