Why Acclaim

Benefits of Acclaim Academy

Acclaim Academy is a Equal Opportunity Care Provider and Employer

  1. We have on staff a Clinical Psychologist who will provide therapy to families.
  2. Our curriculum is designed to meet the cognitive needs of each child as determined by the results of a pre-test each child would have upon entering our program.
  3. We provide enrichment programs in each of the cognitive areas in addition to structured physical educational activities for all of the children.
  4. We have a separate fenced in play area for younger children and a large play area for our older children as well as a large indoor play area.
  5. The children, family members and staff have use of the school’s computer lab for educational and job development programs.
  6. We have programs developed for the families of our center as well as the community. 
  7. Off Street parking is available.
  8. We have met three of the Keystone STAR requirements.
  9. We provide a safe environment for the children and our staff at all points within our center.



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